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EP01 Flamedramon

Template:Katran was hang out by the school yard ingoeing the breeze with his parner DemiVeemon. Clam and relaxed Template:Katran always wore a green flat top A BLUE JACKET WITCH WAS ALWAYS zippered and blue jeens.His friend Detro was byclcleing up to the park were he was. Thats when out of nowhere a Drimogemon popped up. "Drimogemon digivolve to Digmon"said the Drimogemon witch was now a Digmon."It digivoved"said Katran. "Ill go to Demi Veemon.""Demiveemon digivolve Veemon."said Demiveemon witch was now Veemon. Detro yelled "Go Minomon."said Detro. "Mionomon digivolve to Wormon"said Detros parner Wormon."Vee Headbut"saicd Veemon.It didnt do a thing to Digmon. "Armor digivolve" said Karan."Veemon armo digivolve to Flamedramon. The Fire of Courge"said Veemon who was noplb Flamedramon."fire Rocket"yelled Flamedramon. A blast of flamesc camec outb of flamedramons body.It hit Digmon and turned it back to its rookie form Armodillomon."Sorry i went out of hand"said a voic3e. "friends".It was Codys son Bill. "freinds" said Katran and Detro.

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