Title Miraculous Power
Level Armor
Prior forms PrimitiveAgumon + Digi-Egg of Miracles
Partners Matthew

GoldenGreymon is the eleventh Armor form PrimitiveAgumon reaches. His name is derived from "golden Greymon" and his design is based off of Magnamon. Where Magnamon's skin is blue, GoldenGreymon's is orange. He also has Greymon's head with a golden skull helmet. He wears armor made out of gold Chrome Digizoid and is extremely quick. Unlike Magnamon, however, GoldenGreymon is able to maintain this form for extended periods of time due to the number of Digi-Eggs already collected by Matthew. The Crest of Miracles appears on his loin-guard.

First Appearance

After weeks of both the DigiDestineds and Volatilemon searching for the two Golden Digi-Eggs, they were finally discovered by Volatilemon in a temple on File Island. He asked Millenniummon to stay at the temple to guard the Digi-Eggs of Miracles and Destiny in case Matthew and Brittani showed up. When the Digidestineds finally learned the whereabouts of the Golden Digi-Eggs, they opened a DigiPort and entered the Digital World on the coast of the continent of Server. They were frustrated that they couldn't have been closer to File Island, but they managed to figure out a way to get there. When they reached the temple, Millenniummon attacked all of them. The villagers all armor digivolved and kept Millenniummon busy while Matthew and Brittani ran through the temple to find the Golden Digi-Eggs. When they were found, Matthew picked up the Digi-Egg of Miracles and Brittani picked up the Digi-Egg of Destiny. By the time they returned to the battle, all the villagers were back in their Rookie forms and Millenniummon was about to finish them off. Matthew and Brittani used the Golden Digi-Eggs, allowing PrimitiveAgumon and half of the villagers to use the Digi-Egg of Miracles and Haku and the other half to use the Digi-Egg of Destiny. After a fierce battle, Millenniummon was defeated.


Magna Flame- sends a stream of golden fire toward the opponent

Golden Inferno- erupts in golden flames and shoots toward the opponent, similar to Flamedramon's Fire Rocket

Golden Wave- a finishing move that releases all the energy that was trapped in GoldenGreymon's armor. When focused on an opponent, this causes devastating damage, but when focused on an ally this attack shows extreme healing properties.