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Golemon The Rock
(Torejāhanto! Hakai no kagami o kensaku!)
"Treasure Hunt! Search for the Mirror of Destruction!"

Golemon The Rock is the thirtieth episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Sqaudron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


While spending time with his cousin Trent, Taylor discovers a map leading to a dangerous artifact called the Mirror of Destruction. Lilithmon wants the map, & sends Mivervamon & a Digimon called Golemon to retrieve it. Upon seeing Minervamon, Taylor orders Trent to run & guard the map carefully. Trent complies.

Golemon then shoots boulders at Taylor which pin him down. Seraphimon then informs the rest of the DigiDestined of Taylor's dilemma. They immediately teleport to Taylor's location & remove the boulders from his chest. Seraphimon informs the DigiDestined that Minervamon is located at a nearby beach club. He orders them to summon their Digimon & intercept Minervamon, & promises to keep an eye out for Trent.

Meanwhile, Trent finds the Mirror of Destruction. A Claymon then appears. Trent opens the mirror, which shoots a beam of energy which obliterates the Claymon. Golemon then appears, & is also destroyed by the mirror. Realizing its destructive power, Trent throws the mirror away, which lands on the beach. Maggie picks it up, but Minervamon throws her sword at her, which causes Maggie to drop the mirror in midair. Minervamon catches it. Lilithmon then makes Minervamon grow with her wand.

The DigiDestined make their Digimon Digi-Grow. Minervamon opens the mirror, hoping to destroy the DigiDestined, but they hide their eyes. MadLeomon then appears, & holds DinoOmnimon still. DinoOmnimon then steps on MadLeomon's foot, which causes him to release it. He then stumbles right in front of the open mirror. Afraid of destroying MadLeomon, Minervamon throws the mirror away, giving the DigiDestined the opportunity to destroy the mirror with the DigiSword. Defeated, MadLeomon & Minervamon withdraw.

At the Youth Center, Trent recalls his experience with Taylor & his friends. Taylor is supposed to teach a karate class, but opts to continue listening to Trent compliment him & Tyrannomon.

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