Gomamon t
Partners Emory Yoshida

Gomamon is the Digimon partner of Emory Yoshida. He is very impatient and is known to have a temper like his his tamer. He is often very kind, but can be a little on the aggressive side. If Emory doubts himself, Gomamon will become Pichimon. Gomamon can either warp Digivolve to Plesiomon or biomerge with Emory.


  • Marching Fishes: Gomamon sucks in and shoots a stream of fishes at his enemy.
  • Tail slap: Gomamon spins around, slapping enemies with his tail.

Other Forms

The name "Gomamon" refers to only the Rookie form of this Digimon. However, the Rookie form remains as the most common and preferred form, due to the amount of energy required to stay in a higher form.


Pichimon t

Pichimon is the Fresh form of Gomamon. Pichimon is a plankton-fish Digimon. He only appears when Emory doubts himself. His only attack is Soap Bubbles.


  • Soap Bubbles: Spits out soap bubbles from its mouth, blinding the opponent's eyes.


Bukamon b

Bukamon is the In-Training form of Gomamon. Bukamon is aquatic-dinosaur Digimon. His only attack is Air Bubbles.


  • Air Bubbles: Fires a blow of pink bubbles, created by wind and water.


Ikkakumon t

Ikkakumon is the Champion form of Gomamon. Ikkakumon is a terrifying walrus-like Digimon with a huge temper. He isn't the type of Digimon you want to mess with. His strongest attack is Harpoon torpedo.


  • Harpoon Torpedo: Ikkakumon fires several torpedoes from its horn
  • Icicle Coat: Icicles sprout from Ikkakumon's body, freezing enemies around him
  • Horn attack: Attacks with its horn


Zudomon t

Zudomon is Gomamon's Ultimate form. Zudomon appears like a turtle walrus Digimon. He carries around a hammer all the time which is meant to scare Digimon off. His strongest attack is Vulcan's hammer. After Gomamon is done in this form, he is forced to return to Bukamon.


  • Vulcan's hammer: Zudomon forms electricity around his Thor's hammer, and strikes the opponent with the shock waves when he swings it down.
  • Hammer Boomerang: Throws his hammer like a boomerang
  • Horn & Tusk: Attacks with his horn and tusks


Plesiomon t

Plesiomon is Gomamon's Mega form. Plesiomon isn't as terrifying as his pre-Digivolutions, but will still but up a fight. Like Zudomon, after this form Gomamon is forced to turn back to Bukamon. Plesiomon's strongest attack is Sorrow Blue. Plesiomon is known to represent Emory's sadness that he tries to hide.

  • Sorrow Blue: Plesiomon releases a sound-wave so sorrowful that it can bring anyone to tears. It is said that this attack reflects Emory's past.
  • Sad Water Burst: Plesiomon spews a jet of water from his mouth.
  • Water tail Blaster: Plesiomon turns his tail to pure water and whacks his enemy with it.
  • Hydro Impact Crusher: Plesiomon sends a ring of water to crush his enemy.
  • Lethal hydro dragon (w/Owryumon): Plesiomon creates a dragon out of water with the help of Owryumon