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Gomamon is a fictional character & Digimon from the fanfictional series Digimon AA. He is the partner of Zane Guitou, member of the Neo-DigiDestined & alternate version of Joe Kido.



  • Marching Fishes: Gomamon gathers a hoard of fish friends to attack the enemy or to just help him out.

Other Forms

Pichimon's Digi-Egg

Digi-EggPichimon Custom

Pichimon's Digi-Egg

Pichimon's Digi-Egg is held alongside Zane's Digivice & Tag, the Crest of Reliability, & the other Digi-Eggs, Digivices, Tags, & Crests.


Pichimon t

Pichimon (ピチモン Pitchmon?)

Pichimon is Gomamon's Fresh form.


Bukamon t

Bukamon (ブカモン Pukamon?)

Bukamon is the In-Training form of Gomamon.


  • Bubble Blow: Fires bubbles from his mouth.


Ikkakumon t

Ikkakumon (イッカクモン?)

Ikkakumon is the Champion form of Gomamon.


  • Harpoon Torpedo (Harpoon Vulcan): Fires his horn which disassembles into a missile.


Zudomon t

Zudomon (ズドモン?)

Zudomon is the Ultimate form of Gomamon.


  • Vulcan's Hammer (Hammer Spark): He smashes his giant hammer into the ground, resulting in a thunderbolt that strikes his target.
  • Hammer Boomerang: He throws his hammer like a boomerang.


Vikemon b

Vikemon (ヴァイクモン?)

Vikemon is the Mega form of Gomamon.


  • Arctic Blizzard: Momentarily brings the surrounding atmosphere to absolute zero, flash-freezing the opponent, who it then smashes with Mjöllnir. The attack is named after the fact that the opponent's smashed body becomes like a blizzard.
  • Mjollnir: Uses the morning star on its back to unleash powerful hits.
  • Viking Flare (Viking Flail): Uses the morning star on its back to unleash powerful hits.
  • Bazooka Howl (Berserk Howl): Howls with all of its berserker rage.
  • Viking Axe

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