Goodbye Blue Xros Heart is the final episode of Super Digimon Xros Wars.


Ian and Jeri command all the Burst Digivolved Digimon, who aren't doing much when Shoutmon tells them to aim for the Hazard Symbol on his chest then FlameGallantmon Burst Mode beats him, and Ian and Jeri pass out. Then Shoutmon gets the Code Crown back and all the Burst Digimon return to normal, then Shoutmon asks Flamemon that if he dies that he'll take over for him, Flamemon agrees with hi. Then a while later Shoutmon re-formats the Digital World, then later he makes a portal for Ian and the others to go home, then after a tearful goodbye Ryo and Maria leave, then Ian says goodbye to Flamemon and Patamon. Then he and Jeri leave for home, Taiki and the Xros Heart humans (save Zenjirou Tsurugi he died of cancer 6 years before the 1st episode) the members of Blue Xros Heart (save Jeri) reunite with there parents. About a month later everything returns to normal, but Ian says he will always remember his adventure in the Digital World with Flamemon and that he, Jeri, CeCe and Maria "We'll always be members of Blue Xros Heart!"

Featured characters

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