Title Mutated Beginnings
Level Ultimate
Type New Era
Attribute Virus
Family Dragon's Roar
Shiramu Inc.
Prior forms Rainboramon
Next forms Dragoramon

Goradramon is not as famous as Rainboramon or Dragoramon, but it certainly does have it's own legacy for the same reasons as Rainboramon. Where Rainboramon wanted to prove itself while taking every possible risk, Goradramon felt merciful at what it had done as a Rainboramon as it begins to lose it's varied emotions it had as Rainboramon. Goradramon's reality bending abilities are better than that of Rainboramon's, but still nowhere near as good as that of Dragoramon's by all means.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

Goradramon is the Ultimate Stage of Dragoramon. If Dragoramon's line is faced second or third out of the boss quartet, Goradramon will be in Rainboramon and Dragoramon's place. If Dragoramon's line is faced last, however, neither Goradramon nor Rainboramon will be seen until the Ultimate Endgame: The Rise of Dragoramon cutscene movie is unlocked. The cutscene is unlocked by maxing out the stats off Dragoramon, in addition to having degenerated it back to Champion and raised it all the way back up to Dragoramon in the process.

Ultimate Endgame: The Rise of Dragoramon

Goradramon's most prominent role, however, takes place during the events that lead to Dragoramon's creation. Goradramon, having recently digivolved from Rainboramon to defeat the Four Sovereign Digimon, unintentionally causes Yggdrasil to digivolve to Terranadramon, which end up destroying the Sovereigns and turning them into four additional Terranadramon. Realizing he really has gone too far now, he tries to stop them but is sent fleeing all the way from somewhere in the U.S. all the way to Tokyo from being unable to control them and also being took weak to do anything to do. The events started by him as a Rainboramon gather the 12 DigiDestined of the Adventure 02 universe back together for the first time in 8 years prior to the events, but his attempt to aid them in stopping the Terranadramon nearly end badly when they swarm them in too many numbers so quickly, until The Grand One gives Goradramon the power to permanently digivolve to Dragoramon. All of the evil intent he had in mind when he got this power was suddenly gone, however, for his personality and emotions were absolutely erased when he became Dragoramon. Unable to feel anymore emotions, Dragoramon just instinctively agrees to all of The Grand One's orders and put an end to all the troubles he had caused. Dragoramon's last orders were to erase everyone's memories of all the events that took place that day.