GrandisKuwagamon b

GrandisKuwagamon is one of the two Titan-Insectoid Digimon under the employ of Oozemon. Like its name suggests, the Digimon looks a lot like a giant bipedal stag beetle & is capable of firing bolts of destructive energy from its antennae; it is also capable of flight. Although imposing, both Digimon along with their boss were imprisoned by Seraphimon & his Order of Meridian. 6000 years after his imprisonment, Oozemon is freed by Tactimon. After betraying him, Oozemon enslaves the parents of Tokyo to dig up the massive Digimon. GrandisKuwagamon is the first one to be dug up & brought online, & afterwards, both Digimon wreak chaos in the city. When the DigiDestined return (they go to another dimension in the Digital World to aquire a power to restore Seraphimon, who had been gravely injured by Oozemon), they use their new Digimon to destroy TyrantKabuterimon. Enraged, Oozemon combines with GrandisKuwagamon & takes on the DigiDestined himself. Both Oozemon & GrandisKuwagamon are destroyed when the DigiDestined lure him into space with "NinjaOmnimon + Aquilamon". They put him into the path of Ryan's Comet which kills him.

Other Forms

"Oozemon + GrandisKuwagamon"

"Oozemon + GrandisKuwagamon" is the DigiXrossed form of Oozemon & GrandisKuwagamon. It has not been officially named.