Type Cyborg Digimon
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GrandisVolcamon is a Cyborg Digimon whose name and design is derived from "Grandis Volcamon". It is the general of the Earth-giant Army of the "Great Death-Stars". It is a full-heavyweight Digimon whose body is clad in blue and grey steel armor made of Chrome Digizoid. Its large voice makes the atmosphere tremble and shakes the earth. It possesses the attribute of "Earth". It is a tactician that has the ability to freely manipulate antimatter, and with that ability it has the ingenuity to survey the entire situation and control the course of the battle at will. Earth Beast Digimon account for the majority of its army, which has overwhelming strength in terms of military power. Because it enjoys stimulating tactics, it uses the battlefield as its testing ground. It is an investigative Digimon which continues to zealously research questions like, how many casualties can be produced easily, which tactic lets it listen to a multitude of screams, what creative scheme will surprise the enemy or ally as they die, which method will cause all of the opponents to die without shedding blood, and so on.


  • Big Bang Wave: Puts the enemy into an absent-minded state when he takes out his mike and sings intense, super-heavy bass.
  • Super Gravity Nova: Uses its retractable wires from its chest to manipulate both gravity and antimater on the battlefield, controlling the opponent's gravity based on the flow of the battle and making them lighter or heavier.
  • Big Bang Magma: Emits and fires a stream of magma from its back.
  • Rock Wave: Slams its fist on to the ground and great pillars of rocks fly up and either smothers and crushes them.