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Level Mega
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nature Spirits
Prior forms Urabamon
Partners Red Thorpe

Grauerimon is a gorilla like Mega level Digimon and the Mega form of Urabamon.


An enormous Silverback, Grauerimon is amazingly powerful. He has a huge red diamond protruding from his chest, flames bursting from his back and crown-shaped bracelets, which are also studded with rubies. He has two sabreteeth protruding from his lower jaw and a golden face, which goes out to each side, showing similarity with his Human Token Digivolutions.


  • Crowning Fist: his crown bracelets grow red, adding outstanding strength to his already powerful punches
  • Reverse Flames: an inferno is let loose from Grauerimon's back
  • Ruby Ire: Grauerimon's diamond shimmers and all his physical attributes are enhanced stupendously

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