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Level Rookie
Type Unknown
Attribute Data (?)
Family Metal Empire
Prior forms Storungmon
Next forms Ludditemon

Gremlinmon is a fan-made Digimon, created by DarkblazeHunter.

Gremlinmon is a short bat-eared creature (roughly 4'8 in height) with a gray color and a pair of steam-punk style goggles on his head. He is seen carrying around a wrench in hand. As his namesake, Gremlinmon is a mischievous character who can sow havoc on any machine that comes his way but however, he also has the knowledge to repair that machine as well and may do so.


  • Buster Gear (バスターギア Basutā Gia?): Produces an energy attack in shape of a gear in his hand and tosses at his enemies. Sometimes he can charge in with the energy gear and slam it into his enemy's face (similar to Naruto's Rasengan).
  • Wrench Attack (レンチ攻撃 Renchi Kōgeki?): Swings a massive wrench at his enemy.


  • A gremlin is a type of spirit blamed for the malfunctions of airplanes by RAF (Royal Air Force) pilots during WWII.

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