Title The Stinger of Knowledge
Level Armor
Prior forms PrimitiveAgumon + Digi-Egg of Knowledge
Partners Matthew

Greybeemon is the sixth Armor form attained by PrimitiveAgumon. Greybeemon is described as roughly the same size as AncientKoromon. He has a Greymon's head on a bee's body. His body is divided into three sections. The abdomen has a pair of small wings, two pairs of arms, and one pair of legs. The top pair of arms have larger hands than the lower pair. Each hand and foot has three claws on it. The thorax has a long red stinger, which can only be used to attack with once each time this form is taken. The Crest of Knowledge appears on his abdomen.

First Appearance

The two DigiDestineds followed their digivices to the Digi-Egg of Knowledge. When they got there, they discovered a beehive as large as a minivan hanging from a tree. A Kuwagamon, who was chosen by Millenniumon to guard it, chopped it down and six Armor digimon came out from it. Matthew and Brittani prepared to fight, but Kuwagamon let them get the Digi-Egg and defeated the Armor digimon for them. As Matthew and Brittani became a little sad that they didn't get to see their new armor digivolutions, Volatilemon appeared with Millenniummon. Millenniummon had captured Kuwagamon as he flew away. As a punishment for disobeying his orders, Volatilemon had Millenniummon turn some nearby trees into data in order to force Kuwagamon to digivolve to BlackKuwagamon. The Digidestineds used the Digi-Egg to fight him to return him to normal. BlackKuwagamon was defeated when Greybeemon began to use his Grey Stinger attack, but he didn't have enough energy to do much damage. All the villagers who had armor digivolved gave their energy to Greybeemon and reverted to their Rookie forms. Brittani grabbed Kuwagamon's digi-egg and took it back to the Real World to take care of it until it hatched, hoping to raise it to be a good digimon. PrimitiveAgumon reverted to AncientBotamon instead of AncientKoromon due to the amount of energy used in the battle.


Grey Honey- coats the opponent in honey, slowing them down

Grey Stinger- fills his stinger with as much energy as possible and launches it toward the opponent. This attack uses his energy quickly and he begins to revert to PrimitiveAgumon from the top down. This attack can only be used once until the Digi-Egg of Knowledge is used again.