MetalGreymon t
RizeGreymon t

use this give him some bat wings change his stripes black give him an upper dragon body another arm and a black teethed mask

Tai's creation of compounding bursting dragon data. Tai fought dramon machinemon aquanmon holymon darkmon and exaltedmon morethan the others by far. He destroyed the Devas, defeated and collected data from the Digimon Sovereigns not including Fanglongmon. The Four Great Dragons have handed over their data , Two members of the Olympos XII have been bested by tai and mercurymon gave his data for free. Anyway he did that to perfect 5 greymon lines and have ten megas and be able to acess the uppercrust of dragon roar family through slide digivolution. He started with a humanoid winged long tailed greymon imagine risegreymon with no armor and wings. (I'm sorry, what? A Risegreymon with no armor and wings would be a GREYMON.) He is also muscular he has a black greymon helmet with a scar marks shown by the mask the mask also depicts teeth and covers his teeth.and is a big gary stue


He has super strength has more speed than a risegreymon he can potentually have great hand to hand skills. He gains flight from his wings. Attacks:

Dramon Claw: like most chosen dramon he can use this and other common dramon abilities. Like burst breath and giga claw or giga breath and dragon roar.
Dragon Blows: He gives a series of punches and kicks engulfed in a red glowing dragon head on each hand and foot

Greymon Domain: He drops a giant greymon helmet over him for protection or on his opponent for offense its as hard as the geogreysword. He can also levitate on top of it.
Heat Dragon Dome: he delivers dragon blows and then his whole body is covered in red dragon aura in the form of a dragon head he throws the head or charges whiled covered in it and an firey explosion is formed

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