Greymon is a Digimon character in « Digimon : The Golden Digivice ».

Greymon (2010 anime) t
Appears in:The Golden Digivice
Partner(s):Golden Fox
Gender Male
Known relatives Agumon & BlackAgumon (Sons)


Greymon is a Champion Digimon who looks like a dinosaur. He is very tiny for a Greymon. When he met the DigiDestined, his first reflex was to attack them, but after Liz saved Agumon, he returned on his opinion and he and his two sons, Agumon and BlackAgumon, join the Golden Fox. He is very cold but very protective to his sons.


  • Mega Flame: Attacks with a high-temperature jet of flames that burns its surroundings to cinders.
  • Blaster Tail: Drives its tail into opponents for 360° around itself.
  • Horn Strike: Assaults the opponent with a technique effective for both approach and retreat.
  • Plasma Cannon (Obtained having absorbed MailBirdramon's data): Shoots the opponent at point-blank range with an extremely high-energy plasma shell from its mouth.

Other Forms

In The Golden Digivice, Greymon raises several forms, in spite of his Champion form is the one that he sets mostly.


MetalGreymon (2010 anime) t


MetalGreymon is Greymon's Ultimate form. He was able to use this form only after having absorbed MailBirdramon's data.


  • Trident Arm: Smashes its claw into the opponent, a technique exceptionally enhanced in offensive power due to adding extremely high-temperature claws on top of Greymon's already mighty strength.
  • Giga Destroyer: Annihilates all of the opponents surrounding it by emitting extremely high-energy, homing laser beams at them.


ZekeGreymon t


ZekeGreymon is Greymon's Mega form. He is really less friendly than Greymon.


  • Trident Fang: Chops up the opponent with a single blow to their trunk.
  • Destroy Smasher: Unleashes its ordinance while spinning, ensuring complete annihilation of surroundings.
  • Zeke Flame: Spews the flames of hell from its mouth to burn a large army of opponents to nothing.
  • Plasma Railgun: Provides suppressive fire against the opponent with its Plasma Railgun.
  • Final Strikes: Maintains a lowered stance while becoming an arrow of shining light and assaulting the opponent, releasing the energy at point-blank range to decrepitate them.
  • Hyper Launcher: Fires a high-power energy shot to deal with opponents at a great distance or high altitude.

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