Greymon is a Digimon creature from the Indian Digimon fan-media of Abhiskek that comprises only Fan-made Anime till now. The name "Greymon" comes from a misspelling of the English word "great"., and from the suffix -mon (short for "monster") which all Digimon carry at the end of their names. Thus, Greymon is literally a "great dinosaur monster".


Champion / Adult

  1. Greymon
    1. Greymon X
    2. Black Greymon
    3. Greymon (Army Mode)
    4. Greymon (T-Rex Mode)
    5. Greymon (Rage Mode)

Ultimate / Perfect

  1. Metal Greymon
    1. Metal Greymon X
    2. Black Metal Greymon
    3. Metal Greymon (Army Mode)
    4. Metal Greymon (T-Rex Mode)
    5. Metal Greymon (Rage Mode)

Mega / Ultimate

  1. War Greymon
    1. War Greymon X
    2. Black War Greymon
    3. War Greymon (Army Mode)


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