Tai's Role tai breaks off from the DigiDestined to become the perfect chosen child partly for his loss of sora his in ability to shift from the worlds his lack of necessariness of him now he confronts marcus after a long trip and he discovers the dragons roar aura the metal empire aura the celestial holy aura and the aquan beast and bird auras . He after defeating geogreymon using redgreymon discovers the greymon spirit he gains knowledge in all the digimon families that he can use the aura of. He saw everything the digimon saw he felt what they felt then he goes on a quest to scan every digimon of his families aura the rest of the adventure two digimon achieve mega on their own gatomon can slide digivolve between ophanimon and magnadramon. Tai manifest agumons spirit in a blade of dragon data and real dragon blood he got from ruins that were fresh with blood. he later finds the injured dragon that isnt a digimon and it defeats metalgreymon the tai slide digivolveshim into knightmon who is defeated he degenerates to agumon and tai uses the blade to use wall of nova flame 50 greymon appear and deliver a drastic fire blow. That was only the begining of his power

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