Type Cyborg

Guardiamon is an Cyborg Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Guardian". It is a powerful Digimon who lost its intelligence and enhanced its instinct for conflict. It is thought that all of the many Cyborg Digimon produced so far were merely prototypes for the completion of Guardiamon, as it was built by synthesizing their parts — MetalGreymon's helmet and left arm, MetalTyrannomon's jaw, chest armor, and tail, Mekanorimon's shoulder pads, WarGrowlmon's jet pack, MadLeomon Armed Mode's chainsaw on its right arm, and JumboGamemon's cannons.


  • Megaton Chainsaw: Charges the chainsaw with electric energy and slashes enemies with it.
  • Giga Cannon (∞ Cannon): Fires superdreadnought-class energy waves from its two cannons (This attack is also used by Machinedramon affected by the same virus).
  • Electron Hydro Laser: Channels ultra-high speed water currents, mixed with electricity through its cannons.