Guilmon t
Partners Bradley Gonzales

Prior to the series Owryumon was one of the 6 Great Warrior Digimon. During the war with Lilithmon; the 6 of them team-up with Seraphimon.

During the last bit of the war, Seraphimon uses the power of the Zeo Diamond to turn the Warriors into the DigiMemories.

Seraphimon later turns them back into Digimon, to make the first team of Digi-Rangers. Guilmon ends up being the partner of Bradley Gonzales. The two have been through thick and thin, and they remain great friends.

Guilmon is more of a counterpart to Bradley's personality. While Bradley is strong, ready and has a load of guts, Guilmon is quiet, and chooses to time movements, and plan ahead.

When Bradley left for the Peace Conference, Guilmon came with him, not wanting to leave his best friend.


  • Pyro Sphere (Fireball): Guilmon spits a concentrated blast of fire from his mouth.
  • Rock Breaker: Guilmon hits his opponent with a huge amount of force, almost like he is throwing a rock at his opponent.

Other forms


Jyarimon ws


Jyarimon is Guilmon's Fresh form.

Jyarimon has only been seen in a flashback when Seraphimon was telling the Digi-Rangers about Digi-Eggs.


Tokomon t


Tokomon is Guilmon's In-Training form. Tokomon appeared during a flashback when the Digimon told the Rangers about life before being Rookies for the first time.


Growlmon t


Growlmon is the Digivolved form of Guilmon.

When the Digi-Rangers first do battle against Stingmon; Guilmon is able to Digivolve.

Growlmon is often seen, due to the fact the Digi-Rangers use DragonFightermon often.


  • Pyro Blaster (Exhaust Flame): Growlmon shoots a powerful fire ball from his mouth.
  • Dragon Slash (Plasma Blade): Growlmon charges the blades on his arms with energy and slashes his enemies.


Allomon t


Allomon is Guilmon's Thunder Digivolved from.

When Guilmon and the other Digimon were injured by Peacockmon; Seraphimon gives the Digimon the power to Thunder Digivolve.

When needed the Thunder Digimon are Digi-Xrosed to ThunderFightermon.


  • Dino Burst: Shoots a stream of fire from his mouth.


WarGrowlmon t


MetalGrowlmon is Guilmon's Ultimate form.

Growlmon Digivolved to this form when Bradley uses himself to save the other Rangers, Growlmon is able Digivolve.


  • Atomic Blaster: Fires a strong energy beam from the two cannons on his chest.
  • Radiation Blade (Double Edge): He powers up the blades on his arms and fires them at the enemy.


Owryumon b


Owryumon is Guilmon's Mega from.

Prior to the series, Guilmon was in his Mega form.

Guilmon was the semi-final Digimon to Biomerge. They gain the power in order to save Seraphimon from being killed.


  • Eiseiryūoujin: Fires an attack from the Gairyū Sadaijin and Gairyū Udaijin.
  • Golden Armor: Rampages like the earthflow of a mighty river, cutting everything apart while charging the opponent.