Gumdramon Zeo Mode
Partners Ian Parks
Kimberly "Sonia" Thompson

Prior to the series Slayerdramon was one of the 6 Great Warrior Digimon. During the war with Lilithmon; the 6 of them team-up with Seraphimon.

During the last bit of the war, Seraphimon uses the power of the Zeo Diamond to turn the Warriors into the DigiMemories, though Gumdramon's DigiMemory was taken by Lilithmon just before she was sealed up.

Gumdramon's first re-appearance was in "Forever Red", alongside Ian and all the Red Digi-Rangers and their Digimon after the Mighty Morphin' era. While on the MegaShip2, Gumdramon and Shoutmon rekindled their friendship. After the events end they shake hands, and Shoutmon says how proud he is in his friend.

In Operation Overdrive Gumdramon was one of the returning Digimon.

In a future episode of Super Samurai, Gumdramon will return alongside, Dan, Ian, Shoutmon, Sonia, Biyomon, Cassie and Patamon.


  • Ran-gum Break: Freely wields his Shippodzuchi as a hammer.
  • Jacked Hammer: Swings down his super-sized Shippodzuchi while carrying out a forward handspring.
  • Fire Vortex: Strikes a single blow with his Shippodzuchi while performing continuous forward somersaults at high speed to generate flames.

Other forms