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The Mythical Mobile Armored Serpentine Dragon Digimon Derived from the Mythical Yamata no Orochi. It is a Evil Guardian that Enslaves any Digimon (creature) in the Digital World and was Ancient Enemy of Fan:Yurimon and Ophanimon (Frontier). It has Eight Dragon Heads. It was one of the Fan:Celestial Bijuumon.



Dark Dragon


Vaccine, Virus



Prior Forms

Orochimon (Fan:The Bijuumon)

DigiXros Forms

Fan:Juubimon (w/Fan:Kuramamon + Persiamon)

Special Attacks

Inferno Blast (Chocolate Breath): Breathes Chocolate Flames to make any Opponent weaker and takes the form of the Chocolate Lazer Beam and the Chocolate Flamethrower.

Heavenly Iorn Blade (Ame no Murakumo): Makes the Tip of the Tail sharp as the Sword to cut the Opponent in Half and Separates the DigiDestined from the D-Tector.

Reverse Digivolve (Masamune no Tsurugi): Uses it's Tail to Turn any Digimon into their Rookie forms.

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