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Gwénaël Le Guen is a main character in "Digimon : The Golden Digivice".

Gwénaël "Gun" Le Guen
Gun DW
Appears in:The Golden Digivice
First appearance The Quest Begins! [01]
Digivice(s):Fire red Fusion Loader
Age (Fr:) 14
Date of birth October 26
Grade 9th
Gender Male
Known relatives Katarina Le Guen (Sister)
Nationality French
Occupation Student


Gun is a boy with brown eyes and brown short hair. He wears red T-shirt, black pants and glasses.

Gun is very confident but he knows his limits. He is very protective to is older sister, Katarina. Gun is, in a way, the "arms" of the group.

When the DigiDestined met the Three Great Ladies of the Neko House, he became immediately friend with LadyDevimon because they have the same personality : they are irascible, protective and prefer to charge in rather than to develop a strategy. Gun doesn't hesitate to go to fight beside his partner, even if he puts his own life in danger.

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