Level In-Training
Prior forms DemiHakitomon
Next forms Hakumon
Partners Brittani

Hakitomon is a small fox type digimon whose name derives from Hakumon and "ito," the Spanish suffix meaning young or small. Hakitomon's body is very similar to Viximon's, prompting the rumor that Hakumon is related to Renamon. His body is covered in brown fur with the tip of his tail being white. He also has a tuft of blue fur on his forehead like all of Hakumon's digivolutions.

First Appearance

After Haku had been found by the DigiDestineds, they returned to the Real World so Volatilemon wouldn't be able to hurt him again. Upon entering the Real World, Haku degenerated into his In-Training form. Brittani was slightly surprised at first, but she remembered that had happened on the tv show too, so she calmed down. Brittani took her digimon to her home and they both got to know each other. The next day, the DigiDestineds and their digimon returned to the Digital World and both digimon returned to their Rookie forms.

Haku returns to this form after battling as an Ultimate and upon returning to the Real World.