Title Fluttering Knowledge
Level Armor
Prior forms Hakumon + Digi-Egg of Knowledge
Partners Brittani

Hakuchoumon is the sixth Armor form reached by Hakumon. Its name and design are derived from Hakumon and "chou", the Japanese word for “butterfly.” It maintains its fox body, but it gained some of the traits of a butterfly. Hakuchoumon’s large bright wings allow it to flutter by, as well as intimidate its opponents. Hakuchoumon feeds on the nectar produced by flower digimon such as Palmon, Floramon, and Aruraumon. The Crest of Knowledge appears on its wings. A blue stripe of fur appears on its forehead, the signature of Hakumon’s line.

First Appearance

Following their digivices, Matthew and Brittani were led to a massive beehive which contained the Digi-Egg of Knowledge. A Kuwagamon, who was guarding the Digi-Egg for Volatilemon, chopped down the beehive, releasing six Armor level digimon. However, this Kuwagamon defeated all of them and let the DigiDestineds take the Digi-Egg because it was rightfully theirs. Matthew and Brittani were disappointed they didn't get to see their partners' new forms, but soon Millenniummon appeared holding Kuwagamon. Millenniummon forced Kuwagamon to digivolve into BlackKuwagamon, who attacked the group. Using the new Digi-Egg, Haku became Hakuchoumon and helped defeat BlackKuwagamon by telling all the villagers to return to their Rookie forms, giving Greybeemon their data so he could finish off the large bug.


Pollen Spray- flaps its wings, dislodging collected pollen onto the opponent, causing intense pain

Flutterby Flap- powerfully flaps its wings, sending a shockwave toward the opponent