Title The Dragon of Courage
Level Armor
Prior forms Hakumon + Digi-Egg of Courage
Partners Brittani

Hakudramon is the third Armor form attained by Hakumon. Its body has the shape of a serpentine dragon. Much like Airdramon, Hakudramon is capable of producing large gusts of wind with its massive wings. When it isn’t battling, it soars high in the sky, searching for a suitable cave to live in. Hakudramon does not shy away from battling stronger opponents for control of the cave it chooses. There is a large blue scale on its forehead, the signature trait of Hakumon’s digivolution line. The Crest of Courage appears on its wings.

First Appearance

After Volatilemon had stolen the Digi-Eggs from the village, he took them to separate locations so that he could do experiments on them. The Digi-Egg of Courage was taken to a volcano. He had set up a trap that would activate when the Digi-Egg was lifted. Matthew and Brittani activated this trap and six Armor digimon came from inside the volcano. When the DigiDestineds used the Digi-Egg, both of their digimon and several of the villagers armor digivolved. The enemy group of Armor digimon were easily defeated and their data was returned to the environment from where it was taken.


Dragon's Fire- breathes a stream of fire toward its opponent, bathing them in flames

Flame Burst- ignites its entire body and charges the oppoent