Title Pure Sincerity
Level Armor
Prior forms Hakumon + Digi-Egg of Sincerity
Partners Brittani

Hakulillymon is the seventh Armor form reached by Hakumon. It is a plant type digimon that has taken the form of a fox. Hakumon’s fur pattern has changed to dark green, green, and white in an attempt to blend in with other plants, yet stand out just enough to be noticed. Although it is a plant digimon, it is still carnivorous and hunts for food using the vines which replaced its claws. The white lily on its tail is used to lure in insect digimon, then Hakulillymon begins the chase. The signature of Hakumon’s line takes the form of a blue leaf on Hakulillymon’s forehead.

First Appearance

After Matthew and Brittani gained the Digi-Egg of Knowledge, they noticed that the Digi-Egg of Sincerity was nearby. As they searched for it, Biyomon noticed a Veggiemon that was black. The DigiDestineds and the villagers went to the BlackVeggiemon and discovered that it was guarding the Digi-Egg and Millenniummon had forced the Veggiemon to digivolve the same way he had made Kuwagamon digivolve. By distracting the digimon, Matthew and Brittani were able to take the Digi-Egg of Sincerity and fought BlackVeggiemon. During the fight, however, Brittani stepped in front of Haku to block an attack. Seeing Brittani hurt enraged Haku so much that his body ignited and he single-handedly took down BlackVeggiemon while endangering his own health.


Haku Vine- swipes the opponent with the vines in place of its claws

Plant Bite- bites the opponent, causing more damage to aquatic digimon than others

Fire Vine- ignites its entire body and wraps around the opponent, holding on with its vine-claws. This attack is incredibly dangerous to Hakulillymon due to it being a plant digimon