Haley Knight
Digivice(s):Brown and blue Data Link Digivice with a violet ring and yellow screen
Blue and yellow Digivice Burst with a violet screen
Trait(s):At first / Three years later
Courage / Courage, Love, and Knowledge
Age 7 / 10-11
Grade 2nd / 5th
Gender female
Known relatives Bradly Knight (Father)
Lori Knight (Mother)
Blain Knight (Adoptive Brother)
Nationality American
Occupation Student
DATS Officer (former)



Haley is a kind and smart girl that also knows a lot about the digimon scenes she was 3, but no one knows when of how she learned about them.

Meeting Her Digimon

While Haley was playing on Blain's computer she noticed that a digi-egg was floating towards her. Just as she had the egg in her hands it started to hatch. The digi-egg hatched into a Punimon. She saw the digimon and was realized her left hand was starting to glow. She move her hand a little to see why it was glowing, and she saw that a digivice like the one Blain had was laying her hand. The Data Link Digivice in her hand was a light brown and blue with as violet ring and a yellow screen. The digimon in her hands started jumping in excitement. Haley was so happy about getting a digimon she started to hug Punimon, but just as she was about to hug him he digivolved to Tsunomon. She was so surprised she almost dropped him, but she didn't instead she still hugged him. About 2 days Tsunomon digivolved to Bearmon

First Battle

Several days later, Haley, Bearmon, Blain, and Lopmon got a call from DATS HQ. Kate called to tell them that two digimon were attacking the animal shelter downtown. She told them the two digimon were Gorillamon and Fangmon. Just as they got to the animal shelter they met Leo and Rei. Right when they got there they saw both digimon and the damage they caused. Rei and Gabumon wanted to take on Gorillamon. Blain and Lopmon went to help Rei and Gabumon, and Leo, Terriermon, Haley, and Bearmon took on Fangmon. Terriermon digivolved to Gargomon and took Fangmon on with Bearmon, but Fangmon just swatted Bearmon away. It took five minutes before Gargomon got a little tiered and got knocked away. Haley wanted to help, but she didn't know how. Just then she noticed her DNA Charge started glowing. She struck the top of her digivice, and Bearmon digivolved to Grizzlymon and went to help Gargomon. It took a couple of minutes later, Gargomon and Grizzlymon finally took out Fangmon and turned him into a digi-egg and returned it and Gorillamon's digi-egg to the Digital World.

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