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Happy Birthday, Spencer
(Machibuse! Supensā no tanjō-bi sapuraizu!)
"Ambush! Spencer's Birthday Surprise!"

Happy Birthday, Spencer is the tenth episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


The DigiDestined sans Spencer are decorating the Youth Center one evening after hours for Spencer's birthday the next day. Lilithmon wants to give Spencer a gift of her own. Wisemon makes plans to create a monster.

To throw Hojo off their trail when discussing the Digimon, Taylor & Nicky tell him that Digimon are creatures from another world. Brick & Stick arrive to make some trouble, but get their immediate comeuppance.

Wisemon & Lilithmon decide on using DarkKnightmon for their plan. Etemon & Grumblemon help Wisemon wield DarkKnightmon's sword that same night. Once completed, Lilithmon casts a spell to raise the Knight Digimon.

Hojo spots Spencer coming in to the center so the others hide until he leaves.

Spencer runs into Mag at school & tries to hint about his birthday. Maggie plays it off & says that it's her dog's birthday. Bummed out, Spencer walks away. Maggie tells the rest of the DigiDestined that Spencer thinks that they all forgot his birthday. They have to keep his surprise party a secret, though.

Spencer is ambushed by Lilithmon & DarkKnightmon when he goes for a walk. He summons his Digimon Mammothmon, but neither his Digi-Axe or Mammothmon are working very well against DarkKnightmon's double-lance. Seraphimon alerts the other DigiDestined & they go to rescue Spencer. None of them do any better against DarkKnightmon & their weapons begin to corrode. The combined Digi-Blasters don't help either. Lilithmon makes DarkKnightmon a giant & DinoOmnimon is formed. Spencer realizes that DarkKnightmon is winning because he's reflecting their energy. The solution - reflect DarkKnightmon's energy along with sending forward some of their own. DinoOmnimon's eyes shoot some energy that freezes DarkKnightmon's sword in place. DarkKnightmon's double-lance is cut in half, & DinoOmnimon finishes the Digimon off.

Back at the Youth Center, the gang brings Spencer to his surprise party.

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