Hawkmon t
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Chie Koujiro
(En:) Steven Jay Blum
Partner(s):Max Ichigo

"Hawkmon" is the name that all members of this particular Digimon species share. There are several different Hawkmon that appear in various Digimon anime and manga series.

The most well-known appearance of Hawkmon is in the Digimon Data Squad anime as the partner of Max Ichigo. This Hawkmon has a quite pretentious accent in the English dub, while in the Japanese version he speaks with a deep, serious voice.


Hawkmon is a small bird-like Digimon with red feathers and large yellow feet. His wings each have three digits,and he can use them like fingers. He has clear blue eyes, and wears a belt around his forehead. On the back of his head, secured by the belt, is a feather given to him by Garudamon.


Hawkmon is a polite and very formal Digimon; in the Japanese original, this makes him come off like a samurai, while in the dub he seems more like a British gentleman.


  • Hawk Wing (Hawk Feathers):Hawkmon shoots an X-Liked energy beam from it's wings.
  • Hawk Deception (Hawk Blowing): An Air-Liked Bubble Appears Around Hawkmon And Bashes into his opponent.

Other forms

The name "Hawkmon" refers to only the rookie form of this digimon. Throughout the series, Hawkmon gains the ability to Digivolve into a number of other forms (each with a different name). The rookie form, however, is his most common and preferred form.


Aquilamon t

Aquilamon is Hawkmon's natural Champion form. The name "Aquilamon" comes from 'Aquila', the Latin word for eagle.

Hawkmon first Digivolved to Aquilamon when showing Marcus how to "really catch Digimon" and defeats an Ebidramon with ease.


  • Imperial Wing (Gallant Flap): Fires A Bird Shaped Aura From It's Wings.
  • Mega Horn (Grand Horn): Aquilamon's horns, gathering energy, turn white and then he attacks, ramming the opponent with his horns.
  • Aquila Deception (Aquila Blowing):Becomes Inveloped In A Tornado And Bashes Himself Into His Opponent.


Silphymon t

Silphymon is Hawkmon's Ultimate Form. Silphymon calls it his metamorphosis as he also has the power of a Beast Type Digimon. Some of Silphymon's recognizable parts are Aquilamon's wing-top feathers on the arms and legs. As such, it balances the speed and agility of a Beast Digimon and the power and accuracy of a Bird Digimon.

Silphymon was first formed when Hawkmon and Max were in the Digital World prison trying to get his sister, Biyomon out. With the guards too strong, Aquilamon Reverted Back To Hawkmon. Finally frustrated to the point, His DNA Charge Spread All Across His Body And Activated The "DNA Full Charge" with Silphymon he finally got his brother out.

Silphymon usually degenerates to Poromon.

Silphymon is Hawkmon's Ultimate form in the latter parts of Digimon Tamers: Digimon Medley through DNA Digivolution with Gatomon.

Silphymon is Hawkmon's Ultimate Digivolution in Digimon Tamers: Brave Tamer, digivolving to him when he is level 21. His default technique is "Top Gun", which decreases a random enemy's AP.


  • Digital Justice Sword: Pulls A Golden Sword Out Of Space Between Dimensions Of The Digital And Real World.
  • Justice Tornado: Spins Around In A Golden Tornado.
  • Punch Of Justice (Justice Slam): Slams A Punch Into His Opponent At Full Power. Pl
  • Scythe Of Justice: Silphymon Attacks His Opponent With A Scythe Made Of Light.


Dynasmon t

Dynasmon is Hawkmon's Mega Form. Dynasmon First Formed When Max And Hawkmon Came To Marcus, Thomas & Yoshino's Rescue. They were losing against Checkermon,with Marcus saying "You Can't Win". Then Max Shows Marcus His New Digivice Burst and used The DNA Charge Overdrive with Hawkmon to digivolve him into Dynasmon, who defeated Checkermon with ease.


  • Dynast Punch:Fires A Punch At Full Power
  • Justice Blast: Hold Out His Hands And Fires A Yellow Blast
  • Dragon's Judgement (Dragon Light): An aura Of White Dragons Erupts From Him And Makes A White Ball The A White Dragon Comes From And Shoots The Opponent.
  • White Light Spear (Pike Of The Gods): Makes Spear Of Light And Shoots It At The Opponent
  • White Light Beam (Beam Of The Gods): Shoots A Beam Of Light Through Dynasmon's Finger


Azulongmon t

Azulongmon is a Holy Dragon Digimon whose names and design are derived from the mythological Azure Dragon of the East (青龍 Qīng Lóng?), known in Japan as "Seiryū" (せいりゅう?), with "Azure" as a reference to that name. Its design is also derived from the mythological Ào Guǎng (敖廣?), Dragon King of the East Sea. It is the "Digimon Sovereign" that guards the East, and commands the Deva Mihiramon, Antylamon, and Majiramon. Unlike most Burst Mode Digivolution Dynasmon Actually Digivoles instead of Changing In To Burst Mode. Dynasmon First Digivolved Into Azulongmon When Dynasmon Was Facing UlforceVeedramon and Dynasmon and HouHoumon were having Trouble Facing Him At The Same Time HouHoumon Burst Digivoloved Into Ornismon.


  • Azure Flame (Azure Dragon): Azulongmon Shoots A Blue Flame Out Of His Mouth.
  • Halo Blast: Azulongmon Forms A Golden Ball Of Elctricity And Shoots It At His Opponent
  • Azure Judgement: Azulongmon Shoots Blue Electricity In The Shape Of A Dragon
  • Bright Light Cannon (Gigantic Dragon Cannon): Azulongmon Shoots A Light Blue Blast Out Of His Mouth
  • Angel Dragon: Azulongmon Shoots An Angel Dragon Aura From His Mouth.|}