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Hawkmon X4
Type Composition
Prior forms Hawkmon + Betamon + Gaomon + Trailmon + RookChessmon
Partners Steven "Star" Jones

Hawkmon X4 is a Composition Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Hawkmon Cross Four". It is a miraculous form called the "aerial warrior", giving Hawkmon, Gaomon's fighting abilities and speed, Betamon's swimming ability, RookChessmon's defence with Trailmon's body on the bottom and on RookChessmon's back, with Hawkmon's wings spread out near the size and shape of Aquilamon's, and Hawkmon's feather on RookChessmon's head.


  • Aerial Dive: He heads for the stratosphere, with the enemy in his grasp and throws the enemy down to the ground.
  • Aerial Diver Bomb: He heads up yo the stratosphere, tucks his body parts into the body and falls down onto the enemy.

Digi-Xrosed Forms

Hawkmon X4Ice

Hawkmon X4Ice
Type Composition
Prior forms Hawkmon X4 + Kumamon
Partners Steven "Star" Jones

With Kumamon some of X4's body changes, such as the body turns white, and part of Kumamon's headband is on X4's head, and he has the Symbol of Ice on his chest.

Hawkmon X4Sorcery

Hawkmon X4Sorcery
Type Composition
Prior forms Hawkmon X4 + Sorcerymon
Partners Steven "Star" Jones

X4 gains Sorcerymon's hat and staff.

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