Hazardblade1990 00:26, 31 January 2009 (UTC): Okay. so this is my first fanfic. I'm not a good artist, so don't expect any of my madeup digimon to have pictures in articles that i make up. I will pretty much leave it up to the descriptions in the fanfiction, your imaginations, and anyone talented and willing to draw the digimon and edit them into articles to convey the image. Oh and this is dark, and kind of less kid oriented than the aired digimon seasons. So don't be offended if their is profanity. I'll try to keep it at worst PG-13, and to avoid f bombs. Oh and I guess i better give credit where it's due. I like to thank the makers of digimon since I'm using alot of characters, human and digimon, in this story. I'd also like to thank the Digimon wiki, because I'm putting the fanfiction on that particular website. Last but not least, i'd like to thank anyone willing to read the fanfiction. Please feel free to leave comments, or even constructive criticisms. I'm very open to suggestions.

It's a multipart fanfiction

Code 1

Code 2

Code 3

Code 4

Code 5

Code 6

Code 7

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