--Hazardblade1990 14:53, 3 February 2009 (UTC): Yeah. So this the 7th chapter. I doubted that i would even make it this far, due to a lack of, uhm, motivation. I made it though. Heh. Oh. And there is a big surprise in this one.

"Cyrus, are you..." "I couldn't even protect him. How can I expect to..." Cyrus's crest began to glow. Lea thought to herself "Has he realized his duty?" "Cyrus, is Dracomon alright?" "Guilmon? I forgot you were here." "I'll be fine my friend." "Dracomon I'm sor..." "Don't apologize. How could we have expected his strength?" "The others warned me." "You were only fulfilling your duty." "Duty huh?" Cyrus began to walk into the forest. "Where are you going?" "For a walk." "Come on Guilmon. We can't let him go alone."

"Alright. T.K., you go with Kari. Sora, you come with me, Joe, you go with Izzy. And Mimi... oh, I guess you and Lea travel together." "Wait, what happened to Cyrus?" Mimi spoke up. "Oh. I think after the fight he, Dracomon, and Guilmon walked into the forest."

"Having fun?" "Huh?" "Well, you just looked like you were in deep thought, so I figured you were having fun with your thoughts." Cyrus chuckled"Guilmon. Your okay." Cyrus turned his head and looked down still feeling a bit of shame. "Tread not here if you value your life." "Who are you?" "BlackTyrannomon." "Again. I could have sworn we kicked your ass already." "You must have defeated one of my brethren." "At any rate, why can't we tread here?" "It is no sign of animosity on my part. I'm only here to stop you from walking into your own doom." "Huh?" "One of my brethren has obtained too much power and is using it to rule us with an iron fist. He will attack anything that is not a Tyrannomon, and even many of his own brothers." "Are you sure we can't help or anything?" "I would not advise such an action. But if you really wish to try and aid us, I can take you to MasterTyrannomon." "Sounds fine to me."

"Hey. Lea. This is the way Cyrus went. Do you want to look for him?" "Huh? Why would we do that?" "Well. I'll be of no help if we run into MetalGreymon again. I don't know what you'll be able to handle." "Not him. I mean, another Ultimate only left a scratch. And that digimon that hangs around Cyrus, Guilmon, was the only on who could make a dent." "I gotta wonder. Digimon aren't supposed to be able to digivolve like that. Could Guilmon be a new digimon for Cyrus?"

"So, you wish to help us? Fine I shall empower Dracomon.

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