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"He Who Fell from the Sky"
(Kare wa dare ga sora kara ochite)
""He Who Fell from the Sky""
Airdate (Original:) July 3, 2012
Written by Legendmon
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"He Who Fell from the Sky" is the first episode of season one of The Legend is Golden, and the first of the overall series Digimon Legendary Legacy. The long wait for the episode is finally over, witness the journey of the mysterious Digimon, Swordmon, embark on his quest to find his true origin. It debuted on July 3, 2012 on an online blog with a full transcript as a special sneak preview of the series. It was not announced whether or not the entire season will air earlier than the expected date.


A transcript of the episode is provided, to read the transcript, or the dialogues, of the episode click the provided link here. The transcript provides more specific descriptions rather than a summary of the episode.


A mysterious object falls from the sky and lands in the Capital of the Digital World, Rose City, also known as Center City. The object is revealed to be a Digimon who introduces himself as Swordmon. The Knightmons, the city's defenders, show up to investigate the object. To their surprise they find a mysterious Digimon who knows only his name and how skilled he is at the art of Swordsmanship. The General of the Knightmons, also a Knightmon who goes by the name General, sparks a funny and long conversation with Swordmon. The General suggests they fight, if Swordmon wins he's free to go, if the General wins Swordmon would be arrested. Swordmon surprisingly wins the fight and the two engage in another heated conversation until a Digimon, Golemon, appears and wreaks havoc on the city. Despite the level difference between Golemon and the Knightmons, no attacks were able to phase him until Swordmon appeared and used his sword to destroy Golemon. Swordmon is introduced to the city's leader, Angemon, who happily welcomes him to the city. Despite the warm welcome from the leader, the General is unimpressed and tells Swordmon to watch his back. Swordmon simply states that he's already made a friend in city after the General's departure.

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans Rookie Champion Ultimate

Digimon Analyzer

Name Level Type Attribute Special Move Quote
Swordmon Champion Warrior Digimon Vaccine Power Slash "I could defeat you with one arm tied behind my back! I don't think you have the power to even stop me!"
Knight (General) Ultimate Warrior Digimon Data Berserk Sword " Hold on Knightmon. Maybe this Digimon is friendy. Now Mr. Mysterio, what is your name and where did you come from?"
Knightmon Ultimate Warrior Digimon Data Berserk Sword "Stop! Don't take one more step or I'll slice you into oblivion!"
Golemon Champion Rock Digimon Virus Sulfur Plume "Hmmm!"



  • When Knightmon, the General, requested for a Digital Doctor that didn't exist. It seems the General either was caught up in the moment or was confused. The Knightmon he sent for the Digital Doctor, must have found Angemon instead of looking for an actual Digital Doctor.
  • The release of the episode was set towards the end of July 2012.