Heat Zone boil is the 7th episode of Super Digimon Xros Wars


Blue Xros Heart is crossing the Digital Airspace, Flamemon comes out of the XrosLoader but goes back in and gets in a fight with Gatomon. They then arrive at Heat Zone Ian then sees a Hot spring and they decide to relax a bit and Gatomon says that since they didn't get 1 back in the Aqua Zone. Ian says not to blame him, and Gatomon says she is and Flamemon gets in a fight with her. Ian then just draws the line (literally). Ian and Patamon just relax Ian asks Flamemon why won't he join them, he's just standing guard, Flamemon asks Ian why is he in water he can't swim. CeCe, Maria and Gatomon just relax and Gatomon says that Ian is a bad leader and that CeCe shouldn't be in love with him. CeCe says she is not in love with Ian, Gatomon then says it's written all over her face, Maria then asks Gatomon whats is her problem with Ian? Gatomon just says she just dosen't like him. Patamon then tells Ian that when they beat DarkKnightmon they should come here to celebrate. Ian says he will think about it. Then Ian and CeCe come out dry off and put their clothes back on. Then Ian just draws in his book. Dorulumon then comes and tells them this his his hot springs. Ian just says they never knew. CeCe then asks about the Code Crown. Dorulumon says he knows where it is. Maria then comes out and Gatomon just says she is staying, Patamon then gets her to come. The 7 then go to the Code Crowns location to find that it's gone. Dorulumon is then mad. Flamemon tells him not to worry.

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