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Heatdramon's overall build is very similar to Shoutmon's, but has yellow eyes much like Guilmon, and icy blue headphones and is covered with crimson scales that are much brighter. One very indistinct feature of Heatdramon is the stripes and circle patterns on certain parts of his body. He carries the black Digital Hazard symbol on his belly.


His personality is like the Shoutmon from Digimon Fusion.

Other forms


SunTyramon is Heatdramon's In-Training form. He resembles crimson version of MameTyramon.


  • Fire Bubbles: Fires harmless orange bubbles from his mouth.


GeoGrowlmon is Heatdramon's Champion form. He is similar to the GeoGreymon, except he is bright crimson and his helmet like Greymon with an icy blue headphones like Heatdramon. His arms and legs are kinda like Growlmon. His upper body is bigger and muscular, and he has a white chest like Greymon X with black Digital Hazard symbol on his belly.


  • Exhaust Burst: Spews a burst of flame from his mouth.
  • Mega Surge: GeoGrowlmon forcefully ejects a powerful blast of electric energy from his mouth.
  • Dyna-Slash: Develops plasma along the blades on both of its elbows, then strikes the opponent.

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