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HeavenStormmon is one of two fusion results of Fan:HolyLightmon and Fan:LightningEvomon.There is a 50 percent chance that the two Digimon merge to this form,otherwise they merge to Fan:ShadowStormmon.HeavenStormmon is the friendly Level Mega form.Maybe the Digimon looks like a weak one and hasn't got powerful attacks,but in reality it is a strong fighter,a very fast Digimon fighting for honor,peace and justice.

Moreover,at every place in the Digiworld where a HeavenStormmon lives,peace and love control the neighbourhood and all Digimon feel great,even the bad ones.


Bird Digimon



Digivolves from:Fan:HolyLightmon+Fan:LightningEvomon (Fusion)

Created by:Seraphimon222


White Eyes Of The Truth:White laser shot out off HeavenStormmon's white eyes.

The Blue Miracle:HeavenStormmon opens a giant,blue shining portal which has got a suction effect.

Electrick:Fast attack which won't miss its target any time.

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