Level Super-Ultimate (Spirit)
Type Spirit
Attribute Data
Prior forms Anyone + Spirit of Bullets
Machinedramon + Reigimon
Partners Thurkmon


When against the leader of the Dark Forces in Digimon Scan Seperators, SataDevimon, Luke found the Spirit of Bullets and Spirit Digivolved into HeavyWeapReigimon. He then kept hold of it and was later able to use it in Digimon Leader Team.

HeavyWeapReigimon looks just like Reigimon except it has 10 arms that can all transform and two slots on it's back which can change to metallic wings, a jetpack or a cockpit. It's body is Navy Blue instead of Black but the mechanics remain Grey.


  • Decuple Cannons; Changes his 10 arms to cannons and rapidly fires lasers of energy.
  • Hyper Bullet Blast (Jap: Machine Gun); Changes his arms to machine gun turrets and shoots the foe with many bullets at high speed.
  • Fuse Cannon (Jap: Decuple Fusion); Fuses all of his arms together to make one cannon and fire a accopolyptal laser.
  • Motor Change; Changes his arm.
  • Speedy Motor Change (Jap: Decuple Motor Change); Changes all of his motors fast.
  • Ariel Attack (Jap: Sky-High Bullets); Whilst in the air, changes his arms to guns and fires bullets down below.
  • Ariel Fuse Cannon (AKA Fuse Cannon); Uses Fuse Cannon in the air.
  • Admit One (Jap: Cockpit) (Name never spoken); Changes his back unto a cockpit for one to ride in.
  • Jetpack Blast (Jap: Activate Jetpack) (Name never spoken); After Cockpit is loaded, a Jetpack is activated.