Title Lunar Peace
Level Armor
Prior forms Hakumon + Digi-Egg of Peace
Partners Brittani

Heiwamon is the second Armor form attained by Hakumon. He is sometimes referred to as the "Lunar Hero." In this form, Heiwamon bears a strong resemblance to Fan:Heliomon. Major differences include soft grey fur reminiscent of a full moon on his hands, feet, and tail. Heiwamon also has a brighter fur pattern as if it is reflecting light. He also wields two silver moons in his hands. The Crest of Peace appears on his chest. The blue flame that all of Hakumon's line shares is on his forehead. Heiwamon is capable of several lunar attacks, but can only exist while the sun is down. When the sun begins to rise, Heiwamon loses power until he can no longer maintain this form and reverts to Hakumon. After the sun sets, however, Hakumon is once again able to become Heiwamon and his power will increase throughout the night. Heiwamon's power is tripled during a full moon.

First Appearance

During the battle with Firamon at the temple dedicated to Apollomon, Heliomon returned to Haku as the sun set. Brittani, remembering the prophecy they discovered outside the temple, figured that if Heliomon was the Solar Hero, Haku must be capable of becoming the Lunar Hero. She looked to the top of the temple and saw a glowing orb. She took all the digimon who were able to fly and had them carry her to see if it was another Digi-Egg. Heiwamon and WarriorGreymon worked together to end the battle with Firamon, who admitted defeat and granted permission for them to search the temple. Even though they already had, the group was grateful for the permission. Firamon then asked them to never return.


Lunar Flare- launches a blue flare from the moons in his hands

Full Moon Blast- intensifies the brightness of the moon to harm the opponents