Level Ultimate
Type Solar Fox
Prior forms KitsuneHakumon
Next forms RaHakumon
Partners Brittani

HelioHakumon is a Solar Fox type digimon whose name and design are derived from Helios and Hakumon. It is a bipedal fox whose fur is divided into a repeating pattern of brown, gray, and red. In each hand, HelioHakumon wields two miniature blue stars that are used to send off harmful flares during battle. Hakumon's signature blue stripe again reappears as a blue flame on his forehead. Shining with all the brilliance of a star, HelioHakumon fights using many stellar attacks. If you haven't befriended him, it can be harmful to even look at this digimon when it displays its power. However, as KitsuneHakumon digivolved through the Crest of Compassion, it will fight violently for those it cares about. HelioHakumon has a special relationship with SetDarakumon.

First Appearance

After the defeat of Millenniummon on File Island, Matthew and Brittani returned to the mainland to continue looking for their Crests and all of the villagers returned to the Village of the Ancients. Soon after, both Matthew and Brittani found their Crests. Brittani found hers in the same temple where she found the Digi-Eggs of Compassion and Peace. Matthew and Brittani had been separated and were trying to find each other when she activated it for the first time in a battle against a Mammothmon. The Mammothmon had been affected by a Black Gear several years before that hadn't yet been removed. When Brittani finally saw the Black Gear, she felt compassion for the poor digimon and resolved to free it from the Gear's control. This event caused her Crest to glow and allowed KitsuneHakumon to digivolve into HelioHakumon, who destroyed the Black Gear. HelioHakumon reverted back to Hakitomon after the battle. However, Darakumon had been watching the fight and digivolved to his Ultimate level SetDarakumon at the same time Haku did. SetDarakumon took this opportunity to exact revenge on the ones responsible for Millenniummon's defeat and attacked Brittani. Haku was too weak to do anything and was turned into a Digi-Egg. After this, SetDarakumon fled and Brittani began screaming. Luckily Matthew was near and found Brittani with Haku's Digi-Egg in her hands.

HelioHakumon is Haku's preferred fighting form until his Mega form through the Crest of Compassion is unlocked.


Solar Flare- sends bursts of flame from the stars in his hands toward the opponent

Sun Storm- spins in circles, making blue flames from the stars wrap around his body which then leave and attack the opponent

Radiant Bow- one star turns into a bow and shoots the other star in the form of an endless stream of arrows