Title Burning Compassion
Level Armor
Prior forms Hakumon + Digi-Egg of Compassion
Partners Brittani

Heliomon is the first Armor form attained by Hakumon. He is sometimes referred to as the "Solar Hero." Heliomon bears a strong resemblance to HelioHakumon. Some major differences in appearance are golden fur on his hands, feet, and tail instead of brown, wielding bright orange stars instead of blue, and the Crest of Compassion on his chest. The blue flame on his forehead still appears, as with the rest of Hakumon's digivolutions. Heliomon is capable of several stellar attacks; however, he can only exist while the sun is up. As the sun sets, Heliomon's power and strength decreases. When the last rays of sunlight have gone, Heliomon can no longer maintain this form and degenerates back to Hakumon. On the other hand, once the sun begins to rise, Hakumon can again use the Digi-Egg of Compassion to become Heliomon and his strength will increase throughout the day.

First Appearance

After their battle with Volatilemon in the jungle, Gaiomon took Matthew, Brittani, and their digimon to the Village of the Ancients. Gaiomon left before entering the village limits because of the barrier that prevented Mega Level digimon from entering. The DigiDestineds continued on and met the villagers. While there was still sunlight, the villagers led them to a temple dedicated to Apollomon in search of Brittani's Digi-Egg. Suddenly, a Firamon who was protecting the temple attacked. WarriorGreymon and the villagers fought the Firamon while Brittani searched inside for her Digi-Egg. She found it and used it. Heliomon was able to hit Firamon with one attack before the last sunlight faded over the horizon and he degenerated back to his Rookie form.


Solar Flare- launches a flare from the stars in his hands