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Level Ultimate
Type Metallic Emperor
Attribute Virus
Family Metal Empire
Prior forms Shadowdramon
Next forms Shadowdramon M
Partners ???

Helixmon is Shadowdramon's digivolved form, and the ultimate digimon in Shimidramon's line.

Helixmon is a metallic version of Shadowdramon, with a body and cannons in the chest, but as a backfire, he can't control the shadows now. But now he can control the electric energy of the machines, giving to him electric power.


Like it is said before, he is a metallic version of Shadowdramon with a body and cannons in the chest. He have spikes on it back and a magnetic tail to control metal.

He can change it's form to a four-legged dragon, reducing his speed and raising his power.


Electro Shadows: Charges electric power on its spikes and shoots away with a great speed.

Thunder Fury (two-legged form only): Launches electric missiles from its cannon in the chest.

Thunder Army (four-legged form only): Launches electric shockwaves in the ground by the legs.

Chaotic Thunderbolts: Throws 3 electric balls from the mouth.

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