Level Mega
Type Mechanic Emperor
Attribute Virus
Family Metal Empire
Prior forms Helixmon
Next forms Helixmon-03
*(w/ Shadowdramon M)
Partners ???

Helixmon-02 is the digivolved version of Helixmon, and is one of the 2 mega level digimons in the Shimidramon's line.

Helixmon-02 still can control metal and electric energy, and now he only have the two-legged form. If he DNA Digivolve with Shadowdramon Mega, he turns into Helixmon-03, one of the stronger Super Ultimate (Mega 2) level digimon. Instead of the cannon in his chest, he have the legendary cannon "Nemesis" in his left arm and the legendary blade "Olympus" attached to its tail.

He is 100% made of pure Chrome Digizoid.


Helixmon-02 is very bigger than Helixmon, have more spikes, a cannon inside its mouth and the legendary Nemesis and Olympus equipped to him.

Also, he have two electromagnetic missiles behind his wings and mini-guns inside his chest.


Magno Booster: Launches the electromagnetic missiles from his wings on the ground, causing a great blackout, destroying all digimons of the Metal Empire family (except by Helixmon-02 himself). Doesn't have effect against another digimon families.

Nemesis Buster: Shoots dark and electric blasts from the Nemesis cannon.

Olympus' Slash: Slashes the enemies with the Olympus blade.

Nemesis of Olympus: Attacks with all its weapons and shoot huge amounts of thunderbolts from its spikes.