Help on Stage is the third episode of the first season of Fan:Digimon X.


Eric is back on stage with the bow and in his costume but notices the X-vice. Veemon yells Hi and Eric asks where he is and Veemon says he is in the X-vice. Eric is then yelled at by the stage crew (excluding: Emily) because he knocked down the curtain while shooting the arrows. Emily meanwhile is back in the costume room back in the chair she was in with the ripped costume. She starts to say she misses Guilmon but hears him panicing and she looks at the X-vice. Guilmon is moving around in the digivice, he ask how he got in there and Emily says she doesn't know and the stage director comes in and says that the play will start in 5 min and he goes to find Rick. Rick find himself back in the changing room in a different costume with Fan:Dorimon(X), the director comes in and says their are 5 minutes and Rick looks at the clock as it is the same time when they left. Everyone gets in their places at the play and Rick reflect how the seats filled up so quickly. Apollomon looks at the screens and says that humans are weird and sends several Allomon to destroy the humans. At the play as its going on Emily hears the Allomon's footsteps and leaves to see what it is. When she sees them she heads back in and (offstage) she warns Eric and Rick. The Allomon destroy the back wall to get in. Rick adlibs and says this is a part of the play. Eric tries to figure out how to get Veemon out of the X-vice and tries the phrase I call on, Veemon (he says this is a weird phrase) but it works and Veemon uses V-headbutt on the one that was about to hit Eric. Emily and Rick do the same thing and their digimon come out too. Emily says that their are too many of them as she tries to dodge an attack her foot gets hit by one of the Allomon's Dino Burst. Eric thinks they can do it as Rick helps Emily. Veemon has confidence in he and his friends too. Eric thinks if he activates the digivice again they can do it. Everyone goes to X form but Apollomon makes the Allomon change into X forms too. Eric and Veemon then see Julie about to get hit and Veemon X switches to his non X form and digivolves to ExVeemon to save her and destroy the Allomon X. Rick tries hypnosis to make Julie forget they have digimon. When the fog clears everyone raise to their feet and cheer. Emily was brought back to her mansion for medical attention by her butler and her father. Apollomon is very mad he was outsmarted by kids again. What will he do next episode find out next time!

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