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Henrik Bergstrom is a fandom character in the fandom comic books about Digimon. He apears as the leader of his team.


Henrik has brown hair and black glasses. He often has a white T-shirt with blue stripes. More is currently unknown.


Henrik is like a cross between Izzy and Joe Kido. He has much knowledge and he cares about the others. He is a strong leader and listen to the groups conversation.


Henrik was playing on his computer when he get a mail. He opened the mail and discover that its from Gennai. In the mail Gennai stated that the Digital World is in danger. A Digivice came out from the computer with a DemiMamemon. Henrik called his friends, who reveals that they also get D-Power but no Digimon. They all transferred to the digital world where the others get their Digimon.

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