Moni is a Digimon character in « Digimon : The Golden Digivice ».

Hi-VisionMonitamon "Moni"
Hi-VisionMonitamon b
Appears in:The Golden Digivice
Partner(s):Golden Fox
Gender Male
Known relatives Spion, Dieb (Sons)
Fürstin (Daughter)


Moni is a Hi-VisionMonitamon, who is considered as a Ultimate Digimon is the story. He is MarineAngemon's servant. Moni can't talk, he can only display what he wants to say on his screen. He has a family in the Digital World that is composed of his three children : two boys who are Monitamon and and young girl who is a Monimon.


  • Deneireppa: Takes the power of its opponent's blocked attacks and turn them into particles, then fires off the Denji-maru while it is covered in those particles.
  • Itenkou: Uses a healing technique.
  • Goukadan: Creates a huge fireball.
  • Bakusuiryū: Attacks with a powerfull water pistol.
  • Boufūsha:Raises a great wind.
  • Raidenjin: Discharges lightnings.

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