(ハイティラノモン HighTyranomon)
Level Mega
Type Cyborg
Attribute Virus
Family Unknown
Metal Empire
Prior forms MetalTyrannomon

HighTyrannomon is a Cyborg Digimon whose name and design are derived from "High Tyrannomon". It was perfected by improving the incomplete MetalTyrannomon. The percentage of Chrome Digizoid parts which compose its body has increased, and it is impossible to miss the extent of its gains in offensive and defensive power from this, compared to MetalTyrannomon.


  • Atomic Laser: Fires a blue-colored energy beam from its left arm.
  • Ultimate Missile: Fires two smart homing missiles from its chest, chasing enemies, which also contain machine guns.
  • Spiral Spear: Accumulates electric energy to fire an electric blade of energy from its arm module.