Hikaru Kōri no ryū
Hikaru Tamer
Age 14
Date of birth October 21
Gender Male
Known relatives unamed Mother,unamed Father
Nationality African-American-Welsh
Occupation Machines, Digimon pendulum


Hikaru is an Intelligent and caring boy who lives in America he is brave and has a strong personality and is very strong willed he loves to Fix and Tinker with machines and has a Dream of having his own Biplane, he also has set of goggles given to him by his father before he went missing and he lives with his little sister, Brother and mother and Practices Kendo practice with a Long beating Baton he's used since he was a little kid, but spends most of his time playing with his Digimon pendulum that he got from his father as well.


Baton Swing: attacks with a long baton

Rhythm swing: attacks the Opponent to any beat around him

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