Level Mega (Spirit)
Type Spirit
Attribute Data
Prior forms Anyone + Spirit of Intelligence
Partners Snowmon


Sam first got the Spirit of Intelligence whilst fighting Gigadramon, Gigadramon seemed invincible but Sam then had a sudden idea to defeat it by reversing it's attacks, but it couldn't come to use. That's when the Spirit of Intelligence was formed, Sam turned into Historymon and defeated Gigadramon.

Historymon is a small blue ball with eyes and communicates through Telepathy, it has no mouth.


  • Time Line Blaster; Blasts all events in history at the foe.
  • Send It Back (Jap: Reflection); Reflects the attack of a foe back at it's user.
  • Brainstorm (Jap: Knowledge Share); Summons Thunder which blasts it's teammates to give them limited knowledge.