Appears in:Digimon Mighty Squadron
Digimon Mighty Squadron 02
Digimon Mighty Squadron 03
Digimon Zeo
Turbo: A Digimon Movie
First appearance Day of the Dumpster
Last appearance Turbo: A Digimon Movie
Age Late 30s-Early 40s
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese

Hojo (北条 Hōjō?) is a supporting character in the Digimon Mighty Squadron series. He is the owner of the Tokyo Youth Center, the most popular hang out spot for teens in the area. Hojo is around to lend a helping hand or advice to various characters & is often annoyed by Brick & Stick's antics in the show's first season. He is also a fan of the DigiDestined.

Hojo is extremely popular with the Youth of Tokyo hosting parties, school activities, special events, & community charity events. He also shows tremendous trust to the Youth Centre Regulars often leaving teens in charge whilst he runs errands. Hojo is especially known for his hospitality, serving a variety of drinks & foods raging from sandwhiches to ice cream avaliable for dine in or takeaway. Hojo opens an outdoor cafe & a Hawaiian themed beach cafe in season three & Digimon Zeo, respectively.

Hojo departs the show to do volunteer work in South America between the Turbo movie & series, leaving the Youth Center to Lt. Yuuji. Lt. Yuuji's actual quote about Hojo's leaving, "Well, his foreign service unit recalled him & he had to suddenly leave. I don't know, something about building a bridge in the Amazon."