Level Ultimate
Type Holy Dragon
Attribute Data
Family Wind Guardians
Prior forms Enpimon
Next forms Phantomdramon

HolyEnpimon is a Holy Dragon Digimon, whose name is derived from "Holy Enpimon". He's two times bigger than Enpimon, despite not having legs, being only able to fly, but HolyEnpimon is five times faster than Enpimon. He has two giant blades made of Chrome Digizoid on the place of his hands, which he uses for his attack Twin Blades. He also has a whip on his tail, and a kind of bracelet on each arm, out of which four super lasers come from; these lasers can turn themselves into machine guns too. Due to his strong wings, HolyEnpimon is able to fly thousands of miles. He also have a horn on his head that can absorb eletricity, and has the Crest of Courage on his forehead, which is able to open the Black Hole. He is the natural Ultimate form of Enpimon. Despite his Ultimate level, HolyEnpimon is an extremely powerful Digimon, able to easily destroy strong Mega digimon. Unleashing the full power of the Crest of Courage, he Warp Digivolves into Phantomdramon, one of the strongest Digimon ever.


  • Twin Blades: Charges up his two blades made of Chrome Digizoid, and slices the enemy at a incredibly high speed.
  • Holy Whip: Hits his opponent with the whip on his tail.
  • Four-beam Attack: Charges up the four super lasers on his bracelets and fires a holy blast of energy. Depending on the desire of HolyEnpimon, the lasers turn themselves into machine guns, firing small blasts repeatedly.
  • Wind Scythe: Charges up his wings with energy and flaps them, transforming the wind around into powerful scythes.
  • Eletricity Payback: Absorbs an electricity-based attack with his horn, and sends it back.
  • Black Hole: His most powerful attack, the Crest of Courage shines and a huge Black Hole is formed, sucking the opponent into the Dark Area. However, this attack can suck only one Digimon at a time; HolyEnpimon's Mega form, Phantomdramon, is able to make an even bigger Black Hole that can suck various Digimon at the same time.