Level Mega
Type Ancient God
Attribute Data
Family Wind Guardians, Virus Busters
Prior forms Garudamon
Voice actors (En:) Lex Lang

Horusmon is an Ancient God Digimon whose name and design are derived from the Egyptian God Horus. At one time, this Digimon was good friends with Anubismon in a certain circle of Digimon, but certain events led to the two growing apart, and Horusmon's rage over the event has led him into darkness. The other Digimon in their group banished him from the heavens and cursed his right arm so that he could never use it again. He is the son of Oseiramon and Nefertimon, and the cousin of Anubismon.


  • Ebon Flames of Purgatory: Spews all-consuming black flames from his beak.
  • Thunderous Judgment of Mighty Osiris: Calls forth a massive thunderstorm that rains down lighting all around him.
  • Hathor's Gentle Embrace: A phantasmal pair of women's arms pull Horusmon into an embrace that cleanses the Digimon of all wounds, injuries, and illnesses.